1-1 Coaching

Connect with a coach today! Coaching provides an invaluable space for your local government career development.

Welcome to ICMA CoachConnect. We are in the process of transitioning to a new platform.

If you have questions about a current coaching engagement, would like a new match, or are a new coach looking to sign-up, please email careers@icma.org and we will assist you while the platform is being prepared. We estimate it should be up and running before the ICMA annual conference in Nashville. 

Coaches can help you chart a path in local government, find information you need, and guide you to the answers that are right for you to difficult career questions. Coaching offers value for people at any stage in their careers by providing coachees with the opportunity to see their situation and opportunities from a fresh perspective.

Coaching sessions can take on many forms. Some are casual, informal networking and check-ins. Other pairs set up a more formal relationship and continue over time. You also may choose to get perspectives from more than one coach. See the ABCs of 1-1 Coaching.