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Keynote/Featured Speaker Highlights from #ICMA2018

Pink Explores the Science of Timing in Kickoff Keynote

Noted author Daniel Pink told local government managers how to get the most out of their day.

Goodwin Examines Leadership through Stories of Four Past Presidents

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author returned to ICMA’s keynote stage to explore the attributes shared by great leaders.

Courageous Leaders Need Patience and Self Discipline

Courageous leaders build trust by following certain principles.

Equity & Inclusion
Wes Moore: Envisioning an Environment in Which All Are Welcome

Returning to the keynote stage, the best-selling author invited conference attendees to include often forgotten residents in important public policy conversations.

Economic Development
Marohn Encourages Financial Resilience through Sustainable Growth

Chuck Marohn, founder of Strong Towns, gives curbside chat on resilient growth at ICMA Annual Conference in Baltimore

Emergencies & Disasters
Melissa Agnes Shares How to Build an Invincible Community in this Uncertain World

The leading authority on crisis management and preparedness shared her tips on how communities can create a crisis ready culture.

Best of #ICMA2018

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Organizational Development
We, Not Me: A Guide to Thinking Beyond Service Awards

Increasing public employee morale can be a tough challenge for managers. This blog post offers ways to boost employee satisfaction beyond the use of service awards.

CAO Resources
Showcasing Yourself to a New Community

The interview process for a CAO position can be stressful. Here are tips to use before and during the interview, as well as for contract negotiations after the interview.

Public Health
A Guide to Behavioral Health and Opioid Addiction by Cigna

In Case You Missed It: Cigna Behavioral Health and Opioid Addiction Educational Session

Blue light flasher atop of a police car. City lights on the background.
Alternative Strategies to Reduce Domestic Violence: Top Five Takeaways

Hollywood, Florida, is testing an innovative new model for curbing domestic violence through an offender-focused initiative.

Equity & Inclusion
Is It Time to Hire a Chief Equity Officer?

If you want to build trust in the community and provide access for all residents, it makes sense to invest in the position.

Ethics and Corruption: What to Do When You Encounter an Issue

An important part of an ethics investigation is the willingness of coworkers to report wrongdoing.

Human Resources
Growing Your Own: How to Maximize Your High-Performing Employees

Hiring and retaining high-performing employees can be a challenge for local governments.

Four Takeaways from an ICMA 2018 Annual Conference Roundtable on Nontraditional Staffing

37 attendees compiled 4 pages of flip chart notes, and here are some of the highlights.

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