ICMA connects you with key decision makers and talent in the public service industry. Post your advertising messages and job opportunities year-round with ICMA.

Reach ICMA's more than 11,000 local government members through its authoritative publications and its website, which attracts more than 105,000 monthly visitors. The management decisions made by ICMA’s members in the United States and around the world affect nearly 185 million individuals in thousands of communities.

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To reserve space or learn more about special pricing for bundled programs, contact Tilman Gerald at 202-367-2497 or

In addition to our existing advertising opportunities in the print and online issues of Public Management (PM) magazine and in ICMA’s Leadership Matters weekly e-newsletter, you will be able to connect with website visitors on key pages within the website. We’re confident these new opportunities will be a great complement to already existing ad spaces and go a long way to helping you achieve your digital campaign goals.

PM Magazine

PM magazine is the award-winning magazine for ICMA members and local governments worldwide, inspiring innovation, connecting leading-edge solutions to everyday challenges, and fostering excellence in local governance. Positioned strategically, your print, online, and e-alert ads will reach readers of the print magazine as well as our online readers. For more information, check out the PM magazine advertising opportunities.

Job Center 

Reaching qualified local government professional candidates has never been easier or more cost-effective. The Job Center is your one-stop shop for recruiting. Contact for more information or go to the Employer Overview, where you can create and post your job ad today!


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