An Easier Way to Research Local Government Purchases

Finding and buying products, services, and technology for your city or county just got faster with ICMA Marketplace.

ARTICLE | Jun 19, 2018
By Ellen Foreman

One of the most time-consuming aspects of local government staff work is procurement research for the multitude of RFPs that are posted each year. ICMA Marketplace is a new service that provides free access to more than 1,500 vendors and more than 2,000 products, giving you the ability to search across 11 categories and more than 75 subcategories. Some of the additional features of Marketplace include:

  • "Incognito” mode to request information from suppliers without sharing your contact information.
  • Some listings include names of local governments that are already using a product or service.
  • Some listings include procurement agreements under which the supplier is already operating.
  • A quality certification for vendors who are able to qualify.
  • Relative cost scale information.

“One of our goals is to continue to offer our members and their staffs cutting-edge tools to make the job of leading and managing local government more effective and efficient,” said Marc Ott, executive director of ICMA. Ott added that as the platform continues to develop, it will include more comprehensive ways to search; for example, to identify women- or minority-owned vendors or “local” products.

ICMA Strategic Partners Onboard

The new platform especially highlights the work of ICMA Strategic Partners through enhanced listings if they choose. ICMA Marketplace is open to any vendor looking to connect with local governments and basic listings are free.

ICMA has partnered with GovBliss on developing and hosting the ICMA Marketplace platform, in addition to support data, customer, and vendor use.

“We’re honored to be partnering with ICMA, and even more importantly, excited to be able to provide this type of service to its membership and local government officials everywhere. Our goal is to provide a free, one-stop shop for all government services and help cut the time it takes agencies to find products they need,” said Barry Greenfield, founder of GovBliss.

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