ICMA Awards Students Committed to Local Government Service

ICMA has launched a new certificate for graduating students who have completed extensive projects for local governments.

ARTICLE | May 21, 2019

ICMA has launched a new certificate for graduating MPA/MPP students who have completed extensive projects for local governments. The Local Government Early Career Service Certificate recognizes graduating students in good academic standing who have gone above and beyond the requirements of their degree programs and displayed a commitment to local government service. Students receive the certificate based on nominations submitted by their ICMA Student Chapter faculty advisors at the end of each academic semester.  

Spring 2019 Recipients

  • Brittany Anderson of Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Phyllis Anderson of the University of Pittsburgh
  • Tucker Brofft of Mills College
  • Megan Ford of Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Ciona Hall of Oakland University
  • Jenifer Logia of Mills College
  • Auria Malachowski of the University of Central Florida
  • Sarah McCraken of the University of North Texas
  • Danielle Metcalfe of the University of Delaware
  • Nalisha Nandkumar of St. Cloud State University
  • Jessica Ohree of Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Ingrid Rivera of Mills College
  • Elizabeth (Betsey) Suchanic of the University of Delaware
  • Tom Van Koughnett of Oakland University

ICMA continues to support partnerships between universities and local governments, which help students develop practical skills and connections in public service and bring fresh perspectives to local government issues.

Photos and biographies of the Spring 2019 recipients are available.


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