10 Must Reads on Health and Well-Being for the Local Government Professional

These "must reads" bring you the most current and important health and well-being ideas, insights, and leading practices.

BLOG POST | Jul 20, 2018

We've collected our greatest ideas and practical strategies on the topic of health and well-being to share with you before the 2018 ICMA Annual Conference arrives in September. This year, a portion of the educational sessions will focus on the challenges—and responsibility—of putting your well-being first.

Local government professionals are increasingly vulnerable to the pressures and stresses of the job. What can be hard to accept is that your first responsibility is to your own well-being. By taking care of yourself, and ensuring that your staff does as well, everyone is better prepared to serve the community. The content below offers insights and tools for restoring your sense of authenticity, hopefulness, and purpose.

Managing vs. Umpiring

For whatever reason, some people believe I already have two strikes against me because I spend time in these two jobs: local government management and baseball. Read why.

Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture

While a healthy workplace culture does not guarantee high performance, it's almost impossible to achieve without it.

The Profit of Kindness

Being kind and positive can give us the strength to look at dismal circumstances and find solutions.

Taking On Too Much at Once?

In our current era of multitasking, concentration and focus are underrated.

5 Tips for Working Smarter

If you can continually hone and refine your powers of concentration, you'll do a better job and have more time at the end of the day.

A Healthier Bottom Line

Create a workplace environment where health and wellness can flourish.

Too Many Priorities for Your Own Good?

It's likely that you have a variety of priorities, perhaps too many to handle effectively. In Q&A format, here are some new approaches to the issue.

How to Manage Bad News

It’s better to get the word out and take action when there is bad news to share than to have it surface in other ways.

Go Ahead, Laugh!

How wit in the workplace benefits the body, the mind, and the organization.

How Do You Protect Your Reputation?

The personal “protection strategy” sometimes needed when faced with an uncomfortable situation.

For more insight on the challenges—and responsibility—of putting your well-being first, attend the 2018 ICMA Annual Conference in Baltimore, September 2326, 2018.

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