Female Soccer Tournament in Afghanistan

Learn more about this event from the Regional Afghan Municipalities Program East (RAMP UP).

BLOG POST | Dec 10, 2012

As a program manager on the USAID-funded Regional Afghan Municipalities Program East (RAMP UP), I would like to share with you a recent event that our program made possible.

Equal opportunity is one of the principal goals of the USAID-funded Regional Afghan Municipalities Program for Urban Populations, and ICMA is a major subcontractor on RAMP UP EAST with DAI. In a significant step toward equal opportunity for females in Afghanistan, two teams made up entirely of women and girls were able to participate in a football (soccer) tournament in the province of Bamyan, Afghanistan in September 2012. 

The RAMP UP team worked with the Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Education Programs to bring the tournament to life. Roadblocks included lack of adequate security, lack of proper facilities for female players, resistance from the sports federation—and cultural barriers. Nevertheless, two teams were recruited and provided with uniforms and equipment. The games took place on the grounds of Bamyan University. Photos of the teams playing are not available for the reasons of cultural sensitivity.

If you want to learn more about our Afghanistan programs, please visit ICMA's dedicated webpage.


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