Four ICMA Resources for Maximizing Your Downtown

These ICMA resources look at ways to identify what makes a good downtown, as well as ways to make a downtown resilient.

BLOG POST | Jul 17, 2018

by Niles Anderegg, research and content development associate, ICMA 

Downtowns are at the heart of many communities and are often a place where local governments, businesses, and residents come together for both special events like parades and festivals as well as ongoing events like farmers markets. To make the most of your downtown, here are some of ICMA's best content on issues related to downtowns:

Downtowns: 10 Strategies to Ensure Their Resilience and Vitality. This Public Management (PM) magazine article from 2015 looks at 10 ways that local government officials can support their downtowns, including monitoring nearby neighborhoods and securing a residential downtown population.

Downtown Revitalization and Seniors Go Hand-in-Hand. In another 2015 PM article, the focus was on Fontana, California, and how the addition of four senior affordable housing complexes helped revitalize that city's downtown.

What Makes a Good Downtown? This 2011 blog post looks at some of the elements that make up a good downtown, including pedestrian-friendly street design, and good foot traffic both during the day and at night. ​​​​​​

Reinvigorating Downtown The third episode of ICMA’s Local Gov Life podcast featured a discussion on three different communities and the strategies their local government leaders are using to reinvigorate the downtown districts.

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