The Most Engaging ICMA Stories of 2018

Have you read, watched, or listened to them all?

BLOG POST | Dec 18, 2018
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ICMA published a lot of content in 2018. So what were local government professionals reading, watching, or listening to so they could stay on top of their game and gain new ideas and perspectives? See our list of the most engaging and viewed stories of the year. 

Ask an ICMA Manager: Three Key Elements of Council-Manager Relations

In this blog, Thomas Fountaine II, borough manager, State College, Pennsylvania, advises readers on how to achieve and maintain a strong, positive, and mutually respectful relationship between elected officials and the manager. >> Read Now

It Isn't Easy, But We Do It Anyway

This article is an opportunity to celebrate women in the profession who have not only earned the respect and recognition of their peers by achieving the role of chief administrative officer but also have been selected as their community's first female manager. These groundbreakers can help local government professionals recognize and understand the backgrounds, accomplishments, and obstacles that women face on their way to achieving their professional goals. >> Read Now

Podcast: Jane Brautigam Explains How She "Fell in Love" with Local Government

In this episode of “Making a Difference," Brautigam discusses how she "fell in love" with local government, as well as the challenges of diversifying a community and creating more affordable housing. >> Listen Now

Why Recycling Economics Are in the Trash

The recycling model in the United States is fundamentally broken, and while many factors contribute to this issue, the net effects are that the economics of the business are in the trash. Contributed by ICMA strategic partner Republic Services, this post takes a look at the costs involved in those factors and what changes must be made to ensure the local recycling programs, which consumers know and love, are sustainable for generations to come. >> Read Now

Member Spotlight: Mary Farrell of Hartsville, South Carolina

Supporting an Aging Government Workforce with Mentoring and Offboarding

While more Americans are putting off retirement and working past age 60, people who work in government aren’t necessarily following the delayed retirement trend. During the past year, the Center for State and Local Government Excellence reported only 21 percent of eligible state and local government employees postponed their retirement, down from 44 percent in 2009. Contributed by ICMA strategic partner NEOGOV, local leaders will find out what leading practices for mentoring and offboarding can keep their organization afloat during this inevitable change. >> Read Now

Destination O'Fallon - How an Illinois City Became a Hot Spot for Recreational Tourism

Promoting tourism is easy for some communities. Oceans, mountains, and historic landmarks have their own natural appeal. How do local governments attract visitors without these types of attractions? >> Read Now


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