Public Safety: 5 Resources to Help You Promote It

BLOG POST | Apr 21, 2015

Philosopher John Locke, who spent his life promoting the social contract theory, made the point that empowering government to provide public safety is one way individuals protect their freedom. I have located 5 resources to help your local government promote good public safety practices in your community:

  1. This article provides 3 ways that you can improve the relationship between your police and the community that it serves.
  2. Check out this ICMA Premium Content outlining an innovative approach to utilizing social media to make geographically-defined policing stronger. The program “Nextdoor” links neighborhoods with the police that serve them through direct online communication.
  3. This infographic from Govloop shows how law enforcement agencies of all sizes are embracing smartphone apps to help citizens connect to their local police. Adopting an app, like MyPD, can help improve your community’s public safety.
  4. This PM magazine explains 10 strategies that can help you limit the impacts of gun violence in your community.
  5. Good public safety practices are the result of good training, but good training can be costly.  This blog post outlines an effectivepath for funding support of public safety training programs.

For expert consultation on public safety management, reach out to the professionals at the Center for Public Safety Management, LLC.

ICMA and the Knowledge Network have multiple resources on public safety.  Check out the Emergencies & Disasters, Fire/EMS, Fleets, Gun Violence, Police, and Public Safety topics. 

How does your community promote good public safety practices? Post comments below.

Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network Intern


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