Top 5 Questions of 2014

BLOG POST | Jan 20, 2015

This is the second post in the “Top 5 of 2014” series.  This post covers the top 5 questions of 2014. The Knowledge Network is based around the idea of an online community for local government.  One of the best features in engaging that community is the question section.  People working or interested in local government visit this page to post questions about issues in local government.  In 2014 there were some great questions asked and even better answers.  While scanning the question section in the Knowledge Network, one gets a real sense of community.


I used Google Analytics to analyze the number of page views in the year 2014 in the question section of the Knowledge Network.  I then made an assumption that the number of page views is based on interest in the question and quality of the answer(s).  Using this method I formulated this list of top questions in 2014:


  1. Interview Questions for Police Chief.
  2. Penalizing/addressing contractors working without permits.
  3. Police Staffing Standards
  4. What is your cell phone stipend amount?
  5. Budgeting for 24 hour staffing using 56 hour work week for fire and ems workers


One thing that stood out about this list is that some of these questions were posed back in 2010, but throughout 2014 the information in the answers was still being utilized.  Another thing that stood out is the number of people interested in the question and answers based on the subject of public safety.


What questions from 2014 were you most interested in? Do you think there is any way to improve the question section on the Knowledge Network? Please post your comments below.


Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network Intern


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