Rebuilding After Disaster Strikes: Strategies That Work

Slides for Rebuilding After Disaster Strikes: Strategies That Work Session at ICMA's 104th Annual Conference

Sep 5, 2018

From the California wildfires to the hurricanes that struck Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, many local governments face massive challenges to rebuild. This session explores strategies that have proven effective in engaging residents in the process, finding the resources to rebuild essential infrastructure quickly and helping businesses get up and running again. Participants will hear about how Florida communities have streamlined the recovery process, the challenges in rebuilding Puerto Rico communities, and lessons learned from other major disaster recovery experiences. 

Panelist: Christine Hurley, Assistant County Administrator, County of Monroe, Key West, FL
Session Leader: Elizabeth Kellar, Director of Public Policy, ICMA, Washington, DC
Panelist: Kenneth Parker, Senior Advisor, ICMA, Port Orange, FL
Panelist: Jeffrey Pomeranz, City Manager, City of Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids, IA
Panelist: Nydia Rafols, Deputy City Manager, City of Hallandale Beach, Hallandale Beach, FL


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