Right Brain & the Emotional Draw

Mar 16, 2012

The Village of Bayside prides itself on being an urban community with a rural feel.  However, a large number of people walking and riding bicycles makes the community's lack of sidewalks a potential problem in several places.  One particular area had a large number of children commuting to school on foot or riding bicycles, yet was a 35 mph zone for cars.  Traditional measures such as temporary speed limit reductions and crosswalks were put into place, but considered ineffective.  

The Village began an "emitionally intelligent signage" program, which involved placing community-made signs along the roadway.  The idea was that emotionally-charged statements and imagery might have an effect on drivers when traditional signs might fail.  A contest was held, and the signs have resulted in slogans such as "Drive like your kids live here!" and "Hit the brakes, not us!"

This case study was nominated for ICMA's Annual Awards Program.


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