Local Government Excellence Awards

Professional Excellence Awards

Recognize individual achievement that may have been accomplished through tenure with a number of local governments or organizations.

Program Excellence Awards

Presented to local governments and their chief administrators in recognition of their innovative and successful programs.

Submitting a Nomination

Nominations for ICMA's Local Government Excellence Awards Open on January 3, 2019.

Other ICMA Award Opportunities

Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented to an individual who has made a lasting impact on the community and the profession.

Honorary Member Award

This award is for an individual outside the profession of local government management because of their distinguished contributions.

Local Government Service Awards

Recognizing and honoring ICMA members' dedication to public service and professional management at the local level.

Certificates in Performance Management

ICMA Certificates in Performance management bring your jurisdiction the recognition it deserves for data-driven management and communication.

Nominations Open For Local Government Excellence Awards

ICMA's Local Government Excellence Awards celebrate the value of professional management and honors creative contributions to professional local government leadership. These awards highlight public awareness of the value of professional management, and its impact to the quality of life in our communities. An independent Awards Evaluation Panel comprised of  U.S. and international ICMA members selects each years' award recipients.

Nominate yourself, your community, or your colleague for the 2019 ICMA Local Government Excellence Awards