County Manager


Job Details

  • Job Function: Chief Administrator (City, County, Town Manager)
  • Credential: No preference
  • Salary: DOQ/DOE
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Population: 53,829
  • Website:
  • Form of Government: County Council-Elected Executive


This position works at the pleasure of the Eddy County Commission and is responsible for the day to day administration of the Eddy County government. County Manager oversees all aspects of county government including public works, finance, corrections, community services and personnel. County Manager meets with department heads and elected officials to discuss programmatic and overall operations. County Manager meets in private with commissioners and private sector to facilitate programs and projects and to deal with public concerns. Directs and coordinates administration of county government in accordance with policies determined by county commission. Oversees the employment of key staff positions and ensures all other hiring is done in accordance with applicable laws. County Manager acts as hearing officer for any personnel disputes in accordance with the county personnel ordinance. Oversees the preparation of county commission meeting agendas twice a month and special meetings as needed. Prepares or directs preparation of annual budget, working with department heads and elected officials, for presentation to the county commission. Works with local planning groups such as the local Department of Development, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street programs, Association of Counties, Coalition of Counties, Council of Governments and others as assigned by the county commission.
County Manager represents Eddy County at local functions and maintains involvement in County, Local and Community functions of all municipalities within the County. County Manager acts as liaison between county and other local governments in Eddy County, as well as state and federal government contacts. Works with county commission in preparing state and federal legislative priorities and works with state and federal legislators in the implementation of programs. Acts as main contact in all legal matters facing the county and works directly with the county commission, county attorney and insurance carrier in resolving legal issues. Drafts and reviews policies, bid specifications, resolutions and ordinances for consideration by the county commission. County Manager works directly with various professionals such as architects, engineers, accountants and others. Serves as the custodian of public records for open records act requests. County Manager must be familiar with Open Meetings Act, HIPPA and other administration records.

How To Apply:
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