Financial Institutions Reform and Expansion (FIRE) III Project



As a subcontractor to The Communities Group International (TCGI), ICMA worked on the FIRE III Program (1994-2010), whose main objective was to increase the capacity of India's cities to raise and allocate financial resources and to improve the availability of urban water and sanitation services.

The program provided communities with the opportunity to create conditions for adopting wide-scale and sustainable urban reforms by establishing an appropriate policy environment, financial incentives, and regulatory and institutional frameworks. At the local level, the program's goals were to provide municipalities with increased investment in urban infrastructure and to improve water and sanitation services for urban residents.

During 2009-2010, the success of the program was evaluated by the Urban Management Centre, ICMA's representative in South Asia. This phase involved the collection of data on performance indicators in the areas of water supply, solid waste management, sewerage and sanitation, and financial management for the cities involved in the program. The evaluation showed increases in (1) own-source revenues, (2) municipal investment in water and sanitation infrastructure, and (3) access to water and sanitation services by the urban poor in the cities involved in the program.


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