Leading Performance Management in Local Government (PDF)

A collection of strategies and guidance to help local leaders take performance measurement to the next level.



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March 14, 2017

In this collection of articles on converting measures of performance to true management tools, David Ammons, Professor of Public Administration and Governmentat the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, follows the efforts of ICMA and other organizations to tie measures to vision and goals and to standardize measurement in order to track internal progress in service delivery as well as make comparisons with other organizations for the express purpose of learning “effective practices” from others. The promise and the pitfalls of performance measurement are apparent in the success and sometimes the failings of local governments engaged in working toward evidence-based management.

What's Inside:

  • Measuring and Reporting Performance
  • From Performance Measurement to Performance Management
  • The "State" Approach: Compstat, CitiStat, and Others



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