311 & CRM Systems

ICMA’s first National Study of 311 and Customer Service Technology made the association a national thought leader on centralized customer service centers.  ICMA’s research focuses on how 311/CRM systems contribute to improved customer service, facilitate greater citizen engagement, support performance measurement, contribute to better local government budgeting, and aid in emergency response and recovery.  Since 2009, ICMA has provided 311/CRM consulting services to local governments seeking to implement a 311/CRM system in their communities.

Creating a Welcoming and Connected City

A primer on how local governments can build customer service into their daily operations and build an infrastructure to support excellence in service delivery.

311/CRM Consulting Services

ICMA provides consulting and technical assistance to help local governments plan, implement, and take full advantage of 311/CRM systems.

Trends in 311/CRM Systems

311/CRM systems continue to evolve.

311/CRM Systems: Changing the Face of Local Government Customer Service (e-Document)

This InFocus report gives managers the tools they need to establish a centralized customer service system.