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Boulder's Plan to Become a Child- and Youth-Friendly City

A city that is friendly to children is a city that is friendly to all.

Checklist for Playground Safety

It doesn’t matter if it’s a playground at school, in the community or rigged in your own backyard, any place where you’re going to let your child play...

Parade Safety Resources

In Rock Hill, New York, earlier this year at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, a woman died after falling off of a float and being run over by the trailer. As the leaves begin to change, there will be a plethora of parades taking place around the country.  Fall Foliage, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s parades will be taking place over the next three months, and safety should be on everyone’s mind to prevent tragic incidents from happening. Here are a few resources that can help: ICMA, the National Association of Counties, and the National League of Cities developed this document to highlight 12 things to include in parade safety plans or ordinances. The Knowledge Network also has an example parade ordinance to act as a guide to help your community put in place parade safety procedures.  Another great example for developing parade safety resources for citizen’s is this handout highlighting safety tips from the University of California 4-H Development Group. Your community website is also a perfect place to post safety tips. The Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee of the Greater Kansas City area posted these safety tips from the Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council.   What parade safety tips do you have? What resources do you utilize to promote parade safety? Please share your tips/resources below.  

There’s a Robot in the Room! How The City of Mesa is Using Robotics for Education and Accessibility

An interview with Harry Meier, IT Enterprise Architect, City of Mesa, AZ